RunX emerges from stealth with $4.1M in funding! Techcrunch coverage

Automated Infrastructure on any cloud

Create secure, scalable, compliant Infrastructure stack for your startup in less than an hour

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Great Infrastructure is complicated to build and maintain

· Staging/Dev Environments
· SOC2 Compliance
· Security
· Cost Management
· Observability
· Continuous deployment
· Networking
· Autoscaling

RunX creates an automated Infra stack

Enables your team to focus solely on product


SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001 compliant
Continuous deployment
Supports AWS, GCP and Azure
Easily create/destroy
multiple environments
Observability integrations
Built in auto-scaling and high availability
“Tried lots of solutions to manage non-k8s resources but nothing works as well as Opta! We are using it as the default deployment for our open source AND hosted offering.”
“Opta has been magical for us! Haven't had to think about devops at all.”

How It Works?

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Compliant with SOC2, ISO 27001 and HIPAA - out of the box

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